Where’s the hate from? The she-within

text: nadja-schlueter

translation: Thorsten Ramin


This text is about Political Correctness associated with the gender discussion in Germany.

Some things are hated more passionately than others. This column elucidates why. Series No.15: Dogmatics-shes.

Were one to regard it free from each ideology, one would be obliged to give a nod to the aesthetes of the she-within-haters. They think particularly it is not nice to watch if one writes, according to the gender equality, “aesthete-she“ in place of „aesthete“.

And that’s right. It hinders the readability, you stumble over it and think: Oh, misprint! And it is truly just false, as false as “BoardBistro“, “MasterCard”, or Bio-Bakery-Building”. Within words capitals don’t exist, one can ask the German dictionary, it will nod.

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