Ukranian Borscht


800g beef

400g lamb

1l juice from beetroot

2l water

500g beetroot

800g white cabbage

600g potatoes

300 g roots carots, celery, parsley root

2 big fresh onions

4 sourly apples

4 tomatoes

100g butter

100g raw bacon

2 fresh bunches of parsley

½ l sour cream

Salt, pepper, bay leaf, vinegar


Cook the beef in juice of beetroot with a lacing of vinegar until soft and strain the stock. Steam peeled beetroot in stripes with lamb in small cubes in stock until soft. Crush tomatoes, stew‘em in a bit of butter and press them through a sieve. Roast chopped roots and onions with butter. Toss bacon with parsley in a mortar (or chop them finely). Boil sliced white cabbage and potatoes in cubes in meat stock for 10 minutes. Add mixture of beetroot and lamb, strained tomatoes, roasted roots, prepared bacon and peeled apples in small cubes. Season with salt, red pepper, pepper and bayleaf and cook until cabbage and potatoes are soft. Heat cubed beef and serve with sour cream. Bon appétit!

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