Sorbetto granita on black currant

Sorbetto gelato and sorbetto granita were invented on Sicily, using arab techniques

Sicily is where Africa begins, Goethe may be cited, hinting to the common heat which prevails. In the 9th century it was the Arabs who stored the winter snow in the caves of Mount Etna, virtually transforming it into a natural fridge. When the heat grew in summer times, the snow was swaged to ice and brought to Catania or to the port. The Arabian inhabitants were the first to mix ice, sugar and lime and produced the first ice cream, and that is the origin of the granita. Today it is a sicilian breakfast, made of fruit or nuts, processed with water and sugar. It was in 1822 that a pasticciere secerned sorbetto gelato and sorbetto granita, say the whip and creamy gelato and the grainy granita (grr … grrr). Hence the gelato went around the world, but the granita remained a sicilian delicacy1. Here’s what we prepared for the World Cup with black currant as the main ingredient:


  • 300g Black Currant

  • 4 stems of citrus thyme

  • 2 lemons

  • 200 g sugar

  • 500 ml apple juice, options are water or a red or white wine (light)

  • 75 ml Cassis

  • optionally u can add some alcohol like vodka

  • black chocolate

Wash the Currant, pluck the thyme, cut the lemons in half and juice them. Cook the berries with the thyme, lemon juice, sugar, water or apple juice or wine. Let it cool and put it in a metal bowl. Place this in the freezer compartment of your fridge. Stir the mixture each forthcoming hour, scraping the frozen ice from the surface of the bowl. Repeat that 3 times. Serve the granita in (more or less) large glasses.

Buon appetito!